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"I'm Sans, Sans the skeleton, you can call me: Diligence."
– Sans/Diligence

Sans also known as Diligence is the first character you met in Snowdin, he has a major role in True Pacifist and the Final boss in Genocide.



Diligence is a big boned skeleton that wears glasses, He still wear his jacket, but its fully closed and put on his Hoodie, he have a dusty lab coat tied in his pelvis. ( Its mostly Gaster's lab coat. ) He wears Blue jeans instead of his Black and white shorts. He still wears his pink slippers. His shorter than everyone in this AU, except for Frisk. There is a Deligence symbol behind his back.


He is a hardworking skeleton, he still make Puns, and jokes. He helps his brother on puzzles, he do what everyone wants him to do.

But his not a perfect person for you to be partner. He can get lazy if you let him do all of the work. Since doing all the work is his nightmare.

However, his not the skeleton that always joke around, he can be DEAD serious at times, killing their friends, including Papyrus is a bad idea. He judge on Frisk's LOVE and EXP. When they got to 12 or above, he started to call you: "Killer".


To activate his no-mercy fight, you should kill Everyone, wait, did i say everyone? I meant EVERYTHING STANDING ON YOUR WAY, KILLING EVERYONE INCLUDING HIS BROTHER, PAPYRUS. YOU WILL SUFFER LATER.

Gaster Blaster - Since his attack is upgraded into 2, the Gaster blasters are a bit strong. Well, just a lil' bit, does that make ya better?

Karmic Retribution - It just remove the Invincibility frames, it probably lower their HP with those 'Purple things'.

Bones - It somewhat reduce 2 HP for now. They are very fast, but when the Battle progress it get slower a little bit since Diligence is getting tired. After the sparing, they are in normal speed.

Teleport - The Ability he calls it a 'Shortcut', he can go into places without walking to a long way there

Pyschokinesis - an ability to move the subject with a hand.

In battle

See this. Its gonna be long if i added the whole information in this page.



"nah, i'm rooting for ya, kid."
– Diligence

True Pacifist

Sans somewhat care Frisk alot, i mean ALOT. Since they show mercy. Didn't kill their brother, everything that comfort him. He always make pranks for Frisk, being overly intelligent gets him to get to alot of pranks to Frisk.


Sans' mood is depends on Frisk's LOVE and EXP or MONSTERS they killed. He started to hate frisk when they are on LOVE 12 or above.


Sans really hates Frisk, he don't know why his being nice to Frisk at the beginning. His No-mercy fight started to activate.


Sans has a strong dislike towards Flowey, he always seen him with his bro torturing him, luckily he saved the day, He always hit him with a boot.


He cares very much about his brother, making Puns and jokes to make his brother laugh, reading bedtime stories for him, somehow, he hate it when his on a nightmare when his Brother get killed by Frisk.


Despite not meet in person, he always care about Toriel, thinking about her in his sleep. He always visit her to make more knock knock jokes and puns.

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