Venom!Sans (or Venom) is an AU Sans based on Venom Snake of MGS5 but with some different characteristics. Venom!Sans was made by Youtuber Venom Sans, the sh*t-poster.


Venom!Sans is a tall white skeleton with one purple eye. In his normal form, he wears a standard military outfit with a dark tan cloak covering part of it. He also wears a metal glove. He has holes in his hands, a crack running down his left eye and an eye patch covering his right eye. He has giant shards of metal sticking out his skull. In his second form his appearance remains very similar, but his glove is gone, his outfit has a darker hue and his bones glow a purple hue, as well as his eye, which glows brighter than before.


Venom!Sans usually acts serious and keeps a no-nonsense demeanor. Sometimes he acts emotionless, seemingly like an empty shell. He usually keeps up his serious demeanor, but secretly he is depressed, but he hides his depression under his serious and cold attitude.

Abilities and Weaknesses


Venom can teleport, attack and move at high speed, in addition to being able to withstand some blows (unlike the Classic Sans). Venom also can use a wide variety of firearms and is skilled in hand-to-hand combat. If he is dealt a fatal blow, he transforms into his second form, which temporarily gives him limitless powers and access to a wide variety of PSI abilities.


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