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Template:Wrong Wiki Alphasaith Sans is the older brother of Papyrus and a major character in the Underearth Arc. Sans is the more intellectual one of the two oldest brothers, though his youngest brother, C̸̡͈̻̅̏o̢̨̯̰̝̘͒̈́̐̐ͣ̈́ͅͅr̫̘͇̳͈͖̺ͥ̎͐ͫ͊͐̽ͨ͜͝r̶̛̩̻͈͐͂u̡ͩ͌̈̒̿ͪ̒̀̚͏͖̯̱̯p̵͚̭̯͈̲̱̓͑̿ͫͥͯͮ̒͜ţ̬̙̖̱͎̝͚͉ͤ̀͠e̦̰̺̦͊̄ͣ̂ḑ̴̡̠̍͛, is much smarter that Sans.


Sans is one of the sciences, though he is always too lazy to do something actually remarkable, or really anything. Sans is actually so lazy that The Shadowy Figure occasionally remarks on how he manages to keep himself alive because simply being alive takes work [fancy physics equation to come].




Underearth Arc


Papyrus is the younger brother of Sans. Sans looks up to, and looks after his brother.


Sans and Frisk are good friends.

The Shadowy Figure

Sans and The Shadowy Figure don't really know each-other that well, it's just that The Shadowy Figure occasionally appears to inform Sans of future events, or scientific inquiries.


Sans and Alphys don't know about each-other (except on social media) existence in this arc.


Undyne trains his brother in order to become part of the royal guard. Undyne is also Sans's employer.


Sans and Asgore have never personally met one-another, although Sans does know Asgore by reputation.


Sans and Toriel crack jokes at each-other through the door to the Ruins.

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