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Sans is the brother of Papyrus and a main character in Underlust.



He wears a dark purple, sleeveless jacket with a blue furred hoodie and a matching fur color trimming the bottom, over a black crop top with a light blue heart in the center. He wears a pair of dark black pants with boots of the same color as the fur on his jacket. He also wears black finger-less gloves.

His pupils can change into purple hearts.


Much like everyone else, he's flirtatious and perverted, though he is shown to care a lot for his brother and has a mellower side to his personality on certain occasions. He's reluctant to let people know who he truly is in love with.

He is aware of the type of universe he's in.


He is able to summon Gaster Blasters, but it's unknown if he has ever used them.


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