"Its not the old good Sans..."
– Underlow Sans

Underlow Sans is the ruler of the Underground.


He is similar to Sans except extremely evil. He got nigh- total control over the Underground and the timeline. He's very serious (no one has ever seen his teeth). He also likes to kill/torture beings. He has the ability to teleport, use timeline blasters, and spears of the timeline. In the Neutral Route, he transforms into the Angel of the Timeline. In the Genocide Route, he transforms into the God of the Timeline. When he's normal, he is called The Master of the Timeline.


Lets just say he's super evil and super serious...

Powers and abilities

Underlow Sans can teleport, use timeline blasters, and spears of the timeline. In Neutral Route he transforms to Angel of the Timeline and in Genocide God of the Timeline, when he's normal he is called Master of the Timeline.


Maybe love, just maybe...


Underlow Sans was a pretty edgy Sans that wanted to rule the Underground. He trained every day until he was strong enough to fight Asgore, so he arrived at the Castle and fought for hours. After a long time Asgore cut a scar on Sans's eye, and then Sans hurt him pretty bad. After that Asgore walked to Snowdin. Now Sans made Papyrus head of the Royal Guard, Undyne became an Elite Guard and Toriel became some sort of proffesor.


He's like Normal Sans but has black clothes, a red cape, doesen't smile, and has one red eye with the other one having a scar.


Underlow Papyrus: Brother.

SNAS: Nemesis/Friend.

Injusticetale: Nemesis/Henchman.


  • He nearly smiled one time when Injusticetale made a pun.
  • The "tip" on his spears is red diamonds.
  • Underlow Sans got his scar from Asgore.
  • Underlow Sans and Papyrus's relation are not that good cause Paps want to be king himself.
  • His theme is named Megalowania instead of Megalovania.


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