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Undergame Sans (aka Aiden) used to be in the universe where Undertale was just a game until he found a strange fragment, It was a smoking soul that he saw in Undertale, when he went home his family was being taken away, he tried to stop it but he was too weak, he fell down a portal later on and met his future self, his future self gave him the powers that he has today. To this day ever since then, he protects all the AUs that he can so one day he can find his parents.

He has a being living inside of him and the only ones who can see it is all of the Sans, Papyrus, Frisk, and all the main characters of the game.

this sans is the strongest sans with his unknown blade known as the blade of heroes not much is known like the soul living inside him but all we can say for sure even if all the sans team up against him he would still win.

In Battle

You can only deal 0.1 damage to him. Do this a hundred times then you win. His final attack involves him calling something called the master soul which gives him the power to win any battle.

He will take a hit for Aiden, therefore, killing himself and unleashing Aiden's special attack. And when he does well kid you're gonna have a horrible time.


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