Sans, also known as Blue or "Blueberry", he is a royal guard in training. Having befriended Chaser!Sans and Fell!Sans and is whiling to aid them in their mission.



Sans wears a dark grey "battle body", an outfit that he created for a costume party. It includes a dark grey chest-plate with gold trims, picton blue gloves and boots.

He wears a darker shade of grey for his pants. For accessory he wears a giant bow on his back.

He has 2 marks under his eyes, they appeared suddenly, oddly enough they seem to resemble the marks of elderly from Chaser!Sans.


Sans is confident and charismatic. He works hard and despite his brash personality he is kind hearted. He is optimistic and very innocent even when made fun off by Red or tricked by Chaser!Sans. He can be occasionally oblivious and nonobservant, but he can also be cunning at times.

Sans believes in everyone just as much as he believes in himself. He is so persistent that after so much begging Alphys offered to train him but instead she gave him cooking lessons .

He cooks tacos in his spare time, though nobody thinks he is very good at it, he seems be the only able to eat his own cooking without consequences. He loves puzzles and japes, he also enjoys children's books and has a childish room decor.


In combat he uses bone attacks, he's able to make the player soul enter blue mode.

Sans feels like he is as light as the wind.

In battle


Hope Mode

Sans raises several bones, not high enough to touch the player and very easy to dodge.

Hero Mode

Sans causes the player soul to turn blue with his blue attack, blue and white bones scroll across the board causing 3 and 4 points of damage respectively. If spared he will offer the player a hug.



Being tricked by Chaser!Sans, Blue has convinced Papyrus to let Chaser!Sans and Fell!Sans to stay in their house while secretly searching for the cause of the disappearance of their worlds. Chaser!Sans seems to flirt with Blue a lot but always ends up getting ignored or misunderstood. They seem to behave like brothers usually blue following the example of Chaser!Sans even when he tricks him into believing things that are not the truth. They share a chatroom with Fell!Sans.


Fell Sans keeps his distance from Blue, even with his attempts to show how capable he is. He falls on Fell!Sans bad side when he followers Chaser!Sans lead. They share a chatroom with Chaser!Sans.


Sans is the younger brother of Papyrus. They are very close, even though Sans likes to joke around which would often annoy Papyrus a lot. However, to Papyrus, Sans is the most important thing in the world. Papyrus is generally Sans' protector.


  • Sans always tries to act cool and is constantly trying to impress Alphys so he can join the Royal Guard.
  • He started a Temmie Fan club.
  • He seems to follow Chaser!Sans blindly.


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