Sans, also known as Red, is a sentry on his world, having lost his world he forcefully follows Chaser!Sans in hopes to return home.



Sans wears a dark grey and yellow, jacket and pants, the pants have a yellow stripe going from the top until the end of them, the jacket has a beige colored fluff on the arms and on the hoodie.

He also wears a dark red shirt and red shoes with white ends and red shoelaces with corn yellow little crossed patterns.

He has a yellow leash with small holes and a golden tooth.

He has 2 red marks under his eyes they appeared suddenly, oddly enough they seem to resemble the marks of elderly from Chaser!Sans.


He's usually very serious and goes berserk during battles.

He's aggressive towards others, he is ruthless and brutal, he seems to be too proud to admit his feelings usually keeping to himself or releasing them as insults instead. Previous to his world disappearance he served his brother on the royal guard, usually being pushed to his limits he is seen often sweating a lot because of the stress.

He believes in the "Kill or Be Killed" motto.


In combat, he uses "Gaster Blasters", skull like creatures that shoot a kind of laser beam along with several bone attacks. Sans can use special abilities like Karmic Retribution depending on how much exp his target has accumulated and changing the gravity on souls.

Sans is aware of timelines and the SAVE function, not being able to retain memories of previous loaded timelines he is able to recognize when others are behaving unusually, determining that they already experienced those moments.

Sans feels like he is a fire ready to burst.

In battle


Hell Mode

Sans starts switching the player soul to blue mode controlling it's gravity while attacking with his bone attack.

Apocalyptic Mode

Sans uses attacks that require platforming skills, slams the player soul against walls, uses several waves of gaster Blaster attacks and almost endless arrays of bones.

if offered mercy he will cover the board with bones until the player HP is drained to 0.



Both are usually seen bickering and usually trying to ruin each others mood, he hates when Chaser!Sans starts with his flirty attitude but seemingly failing his attempts he seems to have let it go. As Sans world vanished he seemed to be forced to work with Chaser!Sans in order to restore it back. They share a chatroom with Swap!Sans.


Not trusting him much, Sans kept his distance from Swap!Sans, unusually annoyed by his innocent behavior he prefers to hangout with Swap!Sans brother, Papyrus. They share a chatroom with Chaser!Sans.


They share a very tense relationship. Papyrus is the brother of Sans, but Sans always has to treat Papyrus as a boss which he hates. Sans just wishes his brother would at least care for him.


  • Sans usually speaks in comic sans all lowercase but when serious he speaks in sans serif.
  • He seems to want to hide how weak he is by pretending to be tough.
  • He enjoys puns and doesn't want to miss an opportunity to say one.


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