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Sans, also known as Chaser!Sans and Jingle!Sans, is a thief in UNDERCHASER universe and the protagonist of the ongoing comic. His objective is to return to his home world.



Sans wears a green and dark grey hoodie with a dark shirt underneath, his pants are dark brown with a white stripe on each side and his shoes are dark grey and have a white stripe from the beginning to the end.

The dark grey patch in between his eyes is a thief mask given by his deceased father. He uses 2 golden handcuffs in his hands and usually 3 bells, one on the front of his hoodie working as a zipper, and the other 2 tied with a golden rope randomly in different places of his body.

He has 2 purple marks in his eyes called the marks of elderly, this means he is the oldest of his family alive.


Usually relaxed and flirty towards everyone, unless something seems suspicious he will react differently, he is a bit clumsy and reckless. Being very proud of being a thief he only steals those that provide a bigger challenge. He is dichromat, making him have a hard time to distinguish some colors.(he believes he has beautiful red eyes and usually argues with others for getting the colors wrong). His eye lights sometimes express emotion, by becoming stars when excited, a creepy smile when mischievous or a tear when sad. He adores puns, loves to drink hot sauce. He also hates ketchup and spiders.


In combat he uses his bell-t (2 bells with a rope tied up) that he throws to the opponents in hopes to immobilize them and then throws bells at them that don't do more than 1 damage. This can change depending on how much evil the being fighting him has committed, in that case his attacks will deplete the opponents HP overtime (Karmic Retribution).

His main bell serves as a last chance shield that breaks if he gets attacked lethally, blocking the damage with magic, due to this fact this bell can only be created once a day and only one can exist at a time, depending on a lot on his magic to be created.

Sans is able to retain some of the information about resets and any time travel others do in his timeline but usually forgets most of it and only remembers after several changes were made.

His eyes turn swirly when being serious in battle meaning he is fully focused.

In battle


Bell mode

In this mode mode Sans will throw several bells to the player, defying the gravity the bells might hit the wall and go to any random side of the battle screen, if the player touches one they get immobilized for 2 seconds. If the player is in genocide mode Sans will start his turn by showering the player in bells, if offered mercy he will fill the screen with bells until the player reaches 0 HP.

Noisy mode

In this mode Sans will use green fire blasters, tricking the player into going on them for healing and instead dealing damage. He will also attack with music notes that if they hit the player they become slower at dodging attacks.



Sans is the older brother of Papyrus, having protected him when younger, Papyrus grew to become more responsible than Sans. He used to craft devices to aid Sans on their heists. Last seen he didn't remember Sans.


Having just met Toriel, Sans got flustered about her looks (this happens with almost anyone he meets), she offered a place for him and the human to rest.


Sans mistook Frisk for Chara and ended up killing them a few times before noticing they weren't even trying to fight, having the power come back after died, they forgave him and they shared information about their pasts.


Having reached a new world Chaser!Sans was abruptly attacked by Underfell Sans, they decided to call him Red in order to distinguish them appart. They started working together for the Papyrus of Red's world, eventually his world also got lost to the mysterious force that took Chaser!Sans home-world away. Red usually bickers with Sans and is always annoyed by his behavior, specially when he tries to flirt with him. They share a chatroom with Blue.


Red and Chaser!Sans meet this new sans while he captured them in his garage, fooling him easily the 3 of them started working together towards finding a way to bring back the lost worlds and protect the new world they were in. They decided to nickname this Sans blue causing a little bit of confusion to Chaser!Sans. Usually clueless to the advances of Sans, blue seems to support how hard Sans tries to find a way to save their worlds. On the chatroom he usually gets teased by Sans and red.



  • Sans usually speaks in comic sans all lowercase but when serious he speaks in open sans typeface.
  • If he is caught flirting by Papyrus he will be dragged out of the scene.
  • Undyne haunts him down in hopes to get him in jail forever.
  • He is known to steal underwear for fun.
  • Sans owns a pet egg that he hopes to hatch into something cool one day (it's a normal egg).

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