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After fighting for years with King Asgore, Undyne and Papyrus they get locked underground with a magic spell that the humans created. Before getting locked Sans fights a human with a determination soul. He wins and absorbs the human soul(that is why sans eye and scar is red). He trained every day with Papyrus until one day a human with a green and yellow sweater falls into the underground. Papyrus finds the human while patrolling and brings it to sans. Sans suggests they kill the human and bring it to Asgore but Papyrus say they should raise the human. In the end they bring the human to King Asgore. Asgore and Toriel decide to raise the child. After many years the human dies from a weird illness. Toriel leaves forever into the Ruins and Asgore locks the capital. Sans, Papyrus and Undyne patrol to Snowdin and Waterfall. After some years Frisk falls and she gets along with all the monsters. Sans trained Frisk to become strong and fight King Asgore.


  • telekinisis:normal move
  • health regenerate:sans health regenerates using the determination soul
  • gaster blaster:normal move
  • bones:normal move
  • teleportation:normal move
  • using the reset option :sans can fix bugs using the reset option
  • red eye mode:his attacks and speed grow cause of determination
  • blue attack:normal move
  • He can jump through au's


Sans is more energetic and loves to make puns. He cares about everyone in the underground and tries to protect them with his abilities. In the genocide route, he is really disappointed because he thought you were good and you proved him wrong.



his friend


his friend


his enemy at the start but later friend


hates them wants to destroy them


his friend


"say kiddo if you had the ability to reset would you use it for GOOD or BAD?"

"You will pay for your crimes"

"Get ready to die"

"Do you want to die so badly?"

"It was a beautiful day outside,birds sung flowers bloomed in days like this kids like you SHOULDN'T EXIST"


Underblade sans
Warrior sans

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