BEATS!Sans or UB!Sans is the most timid, he's also clueless due to being mostly deep in his music and catching his attention requires you to actually either poke him, shake him or tickle him.



His eyes are music notes. His head band, which is music notes, he can use them for some things as well. he wears a pink jacket with a WiFi single on it, he has a orange (originally white) scarf with a musical note on it and he wear purple boots with headphone symbols on them.


he is timid and clueless, He is still punny but he doesn't share his thoughts as much He's is also worried that he might hurt someone with his words.


Surprisingly he can be modified, you see those various buttons and controls on the side of his shorts? You can increase the volume and decrease the volume, mute him, change the way he sounds, play instruments, play sound effects, mess with the equalizer and many more. If you do want to change the modifications back to normal he has a default button there too. Those buttons actually detects energy, so if it's just an inanimate object that touches these controls it wouldn't do anything. Whenever UB!Sans wants to share his music, the sounds resonates out of his headphones and into the open whilst notes show up on his scarf.

Extra (minor Q/A)

So what is his favorite thing to eat? Like Sans with his ketchup?

He likes milk, and due to that BEATS!Papyrus makes carbonara instead of normal Spaghetti.

What if he sits on the couch, will his control buttons be messed up?

No, it detects energy so it has to be either a Monster or a Human.

How about BEATS!Napstablook, isn't he the one who's supposed to be the one immersed in music?

You see, BEATS!Napstablook is a DJ and a composer, Each monster contributes to their own music and that's what makes them unique and special in their own way.

What does the Gaster Blasters look like?

I'll get on to that, but instead of beams, they shoot sound waves.

Does he still plague BEATS!Papyrus' life with puns?

Yes. Most definitely. He's fine and much more confident around his brother.

Well... that's all I can say for now... uhnn.. I hope you guys would like it. If you don't like him... uhnn t-thanks for stopping by I guess. You can still ask questions about him if you want.

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