I only have so much time, So how about you try to die a little faster for me.
-UnderHell Sans


This Form is achieved when UnderHell Sans's soul is experienced to very high emotions such as, Hate,Sadness and Rage. And when unlocked this makes His soul Shine a bright green. This form is not as strong as Error404 or Alpha!Sans,but it is so powerful that he can go toe to toe with Error!Sans. This strength is only limited though since this will extract all of the energy from his soul.


UnderHell!Sans Looks to be wearing a brighter blue jacket then usual and also seems to be have a purple hood as well. He also seems to be wearing some blue shorts as well as white slippers. His soul is purple,but the light of green showing from it is so great that it appears green.


UnderHell Sans Acts wise and likes to state alot of facts while speaking, he also likes to sleep more than napping .


Death Soul

??? soul isn't a healing soul,but it's a death soul this soul is disguised to be a healing soul, so that when you grab it, it will instant kill you if your Lv is under 4.

Shadow Blasters

These blasters hide in the darkness of the fight screen and are also transparent, except for there eyes and will fire random colors at you each meaning its own effect.

Red = Fire: Deals 26 Dg

Green = Healing: Heals 10.2% of Hp

Dark Green = Death: Instant Death

Yellow = Bone Attack: Deals 10 Dg

Purple = Massive Karma = Give you instant Karma

Bright Orange = Teleportation

White = Nothing?

Black = No vision

Blue = ???

Shattered Bones

These act like bullets which will be fired at you in rows of 20 each.



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