Delta! Sans, neredeyse ölmeden önce bile gevşek bir karakter. Delta! Sans da çok aşırı güveniyor. Delta! Sans ve orijinal Sans arasındaki neredeyse tek fark , cesaret ruhunu emdiği ve yeni yeteneklere kavuşmuş olması. Omega! Chara'yı yenmesinden sonra diğer evreni zarardan korumak için gitti.


Delta!Sans is very serious, however, he is still very cocky (as Omega!Chara describes him). Unlike Undertale Sans, Delta!Sans is very sinister and will use all of his power to kill Chara. Besides being very serious and sinister, Delta!Sans can also get extremely emotional when Chara starts talking about Frisk and how Chara has gained complete control over Frisk's body. Delta!Sans is almost never seen to be joking around, and with the soul he has absorbed he has become braver.

Powers and Abilities

Sans has gained many new abilities after absorbing the bravery soul that Asgore passed to Sans before being slain by Ultratale Chara, along with Flowey. Delta!Sans is more durable and able to survive fight with every sanses. Delta!Sans can block any attacks with his bare hand, and Delta!Sans can also summon Gaster Blasters. However, they are improved and their jaws have gotten larger. Their jaws are coloured orange to represent bravery. Sans can now get into close combat without getting hurt too much, and can deal more more more more and so much more damage than Undertale Sans. Delta!Sans is also very good at kicking, like shown in the creator of this AU's animation, Delta!Sans has been shown to kick Omega!Chara in the chin and stomach.

Delta Blasters: Infinite Damage.

Soul / Fanta Form: If Delta!Sans Actives This Form He Being Undestroyed and No One Can Defeat Delta!Sans If This Form Active

Saitama Punch: Delta Sans Destroys Enemy With One Punch With % 45 Chance


Delta!Sans has two black striped coming from his eyes and stop at the end of his head. Delta!Sans also has two glowing orange dots in his eye sockets, making him seem more intimidating than usual. Delta!Sans has two orange gloves with one black heart in the middle of both of the gloves. They are somewhat similar to Asriel Dreemurr's gloves when you fight him. Delta!Sans also wears a white sweater, black trousers and black shoes.

Ultratale Video



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