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True chaos tale sans is created by ChaosSans on Deviant ArtAnd Peyton Swaney on Wattpad (TrueChaostale)


True chaos Sans was just a normal sans until he did an experiment for Gaster, it changed him from his loveable Pun master self into a Violend, and extremly powerful monster, the same for his brother.

Strength and Abilities

Previous to his transformation he was equal to Character in the Genocide Route, but After absorbing the 6 human souls his power swelled, giving him the power to end the resets permanently. As well as break into the multiverse and See the other AUs. He has the ability to Open dimensional portals, Summon Gaster blasters, and Even create a Bone blade if he ever needs to fight hand to hand. His special attack is Lifting his opponent into the Air and summoning G blasters into the shape of a sphere and firing them at once, Very few can withstand this attack.


He is extremely Arrogant, and cocky. His powers, they can be overused to the point that it destroys his skeletal body, his only defense to this is that he becomes an invulnerable Ethereal energy, who can't fight or be killed. Another weakness is that he does have care for his brother deep down in his heart, even if said brother is from another AU. And Finally his last weakness is that because he doesn't tire as easy as the regular sans, he could tire out at any moment, possibly costing him a fight.



Error, Nightmare Sans


Horrotale Sans, Freshtale Sans, Ink Sans and Dream Sans


Classic Sans, Fell Sans, and Underswap Papyrus.


Chaos Tale Papyrus


Dusttale Sans, Cross Sans

Final Notes

Over all TrueChaostale Sans is a very dangerous Opponent and you don't want to fight him unprepared. UNLESS YOU WANNA HAVE A CHAOTIC TIME.

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