Sugarberry is a skeleton who started the trickster virus and is also known as the “het”.


  • He always loves to make new friends and loves giving bj.
  • He cares deeply about his friends and will snap if you decide to bully them or hurt them and givem blow jojs.
  • He is the only one out of all the tricksters who is wearing gloves, which you really shouldn’t worry about- *shitty fries*
  • He’s total memememememememememememem trash and will dab if you dab with him.
  • He seems very sweet when you first interact with him but will take a quick turn down the dark road if you overstep your boundaries with him.
  • He tries his best not to curse, but will sometimes have a slip of the tongue when he’s stressed or angered.
  • He apparently enjoys doing “extreme baking” and making pillow forts. he dab he no funny he gsay

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