General Information

Trap!Tale Sans is the main character of Trap!Tale. He is a mixture of Sans and the Patience Soul. A mistake occurred where the souls where kept, and there Sans became Trap!Tale Sans. Even tough Sans is transformed, he can always switch back, making him more powerful than his past self. Trap!Tale Sans first appearance was first appeared as a Over World sprite, and later a battle sprite. Even tough Trap!Tale Sans was not featured in an Animation or a Game, it's still possible, but unlikely, as the creator of the AU has not said anything against the idea, but has already started working on a game. Trap!Tale Sans has the same relation ships that Sans does, but has more attacks, and the same HP. 


Trap!Tale Sans wears Cyan Sneakers/Slippers along with a White hoodie, half Cyan and half white. When Trap!Tale Sans get's serious or ready to battle, his eye will go dark or go cyan, and summon Dark Blue Wings. He also wears white shorts with black stripes, the opposite of Sans.


After a full Genocide run, Sans is waiting on the Judgment Hall, waiting for Chara. Sans hears a voice coming from the Barrier, and went to go investigate as the room is close to the judgment hall. As the echo got louder, Sans looked above only to see white. In the room, there where shining objects, being all SOULS. Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Yellow, and Cyan. As Sans went to go explore it, the case protecting the Cyan one was shattering. As Sans looked behind, there was Chara. The knife went through Sans and the case, critically. Suddenly, the Cyan Soul started to echo. "Take me, and protect the world..." With no hesitation, Sans took it, hurt, and there became Trap!Tale Sans, and then fought Chara using the advantages. (Not Finished!)


Trap!Tale Sans is much stronger than his previous self. He doesn't only have his previous attacks, but new ones. Being a mix of the Cyan Soul, he can shoot Cyan Beams allowing enemies to be trapped, as the soul means PATIENCE. That's how Trap!Tale became the name. He also has a sprint bar, which will allow him to go much faster. Sans wings will increase his HP by 10 at serious times. (Unfinished!)

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