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"Your hopes your dreams....ill bring them all back to 0!"-Sans


Sans is the brother of papyrus but papyrus died due to a illness sans filled with grief brought Papyrus to the village of the humans the humans heard screams the humans thought they killed papyrus they threw every attack they had on sans sans looking smiled and walked back to the castle he fell on the ground and his dust spreded to the flowers and then sans became a being with mighty powers of his own Until he rembers what he used to be in the past in the fight in the true pasficst.

Battle Info

He Uses Stars and summons Gaster Blasters And Can Use Hyper Goners Plus A Gaster Blaster Combined There is no way to kill him every hit is a miss he can also use his chaos bone attacks he uses two bones in his hand and attacks the bullet board and his gaster blaster which can fire bullets and lazers on the bullet board.


The Only Way To Beat Sans Is To Make Him Rember Who He Truely Is Back In The Past.


He Is In Asriel Dreemurrs Clothes and has the heart locket on him.


Pun And Laugh=




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