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Sans is the Swaprole version of Asriel Dreemurr.



He is very sweet, caring and innocent. When Cameron fell into the Underground, Sans discovered her, and Undyne and Alphys adopted her. He was very unadventurous and unimpulsive, and only did something if Cameron was leading. Him and Cameron once accidentally poisoned Alphys by giving her a pie, which they had accidentally baked real buttercups into. After reaching the end of a True Pacifist Route, he says he was always a crybaby.


As a child, he had no hair and white bones. He has plain black eye sockets with white pupils. In his God of Humour form, he has blue pupils instead of white.

In his child form, he wore a blue and baby blue striped shirt, black pants, and no shoes. As the God of Humour, he wears a robe similar to that of his mother, and still is barefoot.


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