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"I know you."
– Spyware!Sans

Spyware!, its obvious, since his a Virus based off a type of Virus named "Spyware". His job is to obtain everyone's information in the whole Undertale AU universe, the reason why would he do that is unknown.



He wears a brown trench coat that covers his hips, He wears long pants, and wears shoes. He wears brown hat, and wears shades. He have magnifying glass on his pockets, and his shades have ability to scan people. Revealing other peoples information.


He is emotionless, he don't have emotions, the only emotion he can feel is happiness, he only reveal that emotion when he see other people's pain.

He is always called a stalker by everyone since he knows everyone's info. During battles, he scan your info to see your weaknesses, and then after that, he deals more damage. If you spill water at him before fighting, he wont know what is your weakness, he would try to scan you at the start, but realize it wont work, so he would flee the battle.

The AU protectors tried to track him down.


His huge weakness is "Anti-Virus" Since he called it "A dangerous kind for all of us" this is the reason why he stays away from Anti-Virus!sans, because of that, you can trick him from thinking a thing is anti-virus.


He has Normal Sans abilities just like the Other Sans-es, but he have two additional abilities, Scanning and Spreading Virus onto your Soul.

Scan don't deal any damage, and it's not a ability, its just a thing he always use at the start of the battles so he would know what are your weaknesses. When he uses this, then you might about to die, even you keep on Fighting him, Stabbing him, Depends on your LV, he would Dodge, or not.

Virus is a ability where he spread it to your soul, it can happen outside of the battle, where you try to touch him, or handshake. You would feel sick. There is a cure to this, but you need to find out what it is.


Ink!Sans (Not Canon, just for a story)

Spyware!Sans hates Ink!Sans, he hates him because he helps, and evacuate everyone in a AU where Spyware is about to spread viruses. Spyware!Sans try to stay away from Ink since he don't want to be tracked down. But luckily, he is not.

Antivirus!Sans (Not canon, just for a story)

He hates Antivirus!Sans very much, as AntiVirus tried to track him down too, Anti also cure everyone who is infected with the virus. Spy, just like Ink, he stays away from them.


  • His based off a virus, Spyware. Due to that, he have ability to code in his world, and spread Viruses.
  • His inspired by a Sans, named "Virus Sans" which is why Bone started to do Other viruses. (Trojan Horse, and Worm.)

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