""You'll never harm another person again.""
– Slayer to an opponent as he's about to kill them.

Slayer Sans is a Protector of Alternate Universes that does things his OWN way.



Slayer is no longer laid back and lazy. He is very active and has a slight temper. He still deeply cares for his brother Papyrus and his friend Frisk, who has done a Pacifist Run and stopped resetting. He still likes to make Hot Dogs and Hot Cats. He often trains with Undyne to keep in shape. He is also still making puns. He undertakes actions that benefit the forces of good, albeit in his own gruesome and vigilante manner.


Sans wears a yellow hoodie that's always zipped up, black pants with orange stripes, black finger-less gloves and brown boots. He has a gold tooth, and his eyes are now different shapes. His right eye is a yellow circle, while his left eye is a yellow star. He got this look when he absorbed a SAVE Star.


After 99 Genocide Runs, Frisk is now a mindless slave to Chara. His wish is Frisk's command now. Sans has had enough of watching Frisk kill him and his friends over and over. Sans had managed to take a SAVE Star from earlier in Snowdin. He absorbed it, and was given immense power.

Sans's jacket turned yellow, the stripes on his pants became yellow, his slippers turned into brown boots, he gained finger-less black gloves. He gained a gold tooth, and his eyes became yellow. One was a yellow circle, the other was in the shape of a SAVE Star. His stats skyrocketed. Sans, with this newfound power, decided to take Chara.

As Chara entered the Judgement Hall, Sans was nowhere to be found. Sans appeared behind Chara and started attacking. Chara stabbed Sans in the heart. Sans thought it was over. But Sans only lost one HP. Sans then stuck his hand in Chara's chest, intending on taking his SOUL. As he yanked his hand back, he instead separated Chara's SOUL from Frisk's. Everyone was confused. Sans then attacked Chara. Chara said, "D-don't hurt me Sans!! Grant me mercy!! I BEG of you!!!" Sans said, "You... who are without mercy, now PLEAD for it?! No". Sans then used a Gaster Blaster on Chara, killing him.

Sans walked up to Frisk. He whispered, This is the part where you reset. Frisk then reset. Frisk saw Chara, who relinquished control to Frisk. Even though the timeline reset, Sans was still wearing his yellow clothing. He realized that he now existed outside of a reset. Frisk did a Pacifist Run and got everyone to the Surface.

Sans was then visited by Error Sans. Error was about to destroy the AU, but Sans attacked. After breaking a few of Error's ribs, Error ran away going, "You haven't seen the last of me!!" Sans was then visited by Ink Sans. As Sans was about to attack Ink, Ink raised his hands in the air said, "Wait! Wait! Wait! I'm a friend! Ink said he saw the fight between him and Error and wanted to recruit Sans. Sans asked why Ink needed his help. Ink said that he was a good candidate for a Protector of other AUs. Sans agreed. Ink told dubbed this Sans, "Slayer Sans", as he was in the AU SlayerTale.

Sans was brought to the Doodle Sphere. Sans said that he wanted a weapon. Ink, although confused obliged. Slayer Sans drew a weapon of his own design. Ink brought the weapon to life. This weapon was a combination of an Axe and Scythe. It also had a wooden stake on one end. Sans called this the "Slayer's Axe."

Sans still lives in SlayerTale, but he is still often called for duty. While Ink and Dream take on external threats, like Error Sans or Nightmare, Sans focuses more on internal threats to AUs. He likes to think of it as "Protecting them from the inside out." What he does is find an especially evil person and rips out the evil controlling the person. Slayer still helps when an AU is under attack of course.

Powers and Abilities


Slayer Sans absorbed a SAVE Star. As such he has gained the powers to SAVE and LOAD. He always SAVES before a battle and LOADS when his HP is very low. This often frustrates his opponents. Slayer's SAVING and LOADING only affect him.

Yellow Strings

Sans has the ability to make yellow strings come out of his fingertips. He often says, "GET OVER HERE!!", "COME HERE!!", "GET THE FUCK OVER HERE!!" or even "GET OVER HERE, BITCH!!" He can use these to grapple onto something or bring someone close to him.

It Hertz

Slayer Sans has electrokinesis, meaning he can shoot lightning at his opponents. He is not affected by his own electricity if he is in water as he is a skeleton. He also uses his Yellow Strings to send electrical currents through them.

Gaster Blasters

Sans still has his Gaster Blasters. They now have yellow eyes and shoot yellow beams. They do not produce lightning. However, he can summon blue and orange Gaster Blasters.


Slayer Sans has teleportation, or "shortcuts" as he calls it. He can teleport behind his opponents or up to 30 feet away from them. He can't teleport others unless they willingly follow him.


Sans has the ability to move objects with his mind. When he does, his right eye becomes entirely yellow.

Slayer's Axe

Ink Sans drew Slayer a special weapon. It had an axe on one end and a wooden stake on the other. He sometimes alternates the ends he uses for combat.


Slayer can separate the evil from an opponent. He rams his hand through his opponent's chest, where the heart should be, latches onto their SOUL and tear out the evil inside.


Slayer Sans has a slight temper. His anger can get the better of him if a battle goes on for too long, making him a bit sloppy. If he is fighting an especially powerful opponent, he relies on stealth and sneak attacks to catch his opponents off guard. If he is against someone with evil in their hearts, he will focus more on separating the evil from the person. If that does not work, he simply tries everything he can to kill the evil being.



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