Scarfell Sans, known simply as "Dust" or "Dusty," is the Fell counterpart of Ash. He has a similar personality but a different mentality, and is the sole survivor of a Genocide Run that destroyed his AU.


Dusty has a very pronounced merit-based mentality, feeling that a low-level monster like himself shouldn't gain favors without "earning" them, which was a cultural norm of Scarfell. He shows more deference to high-LV individuals, and is intimidated by them.

Dusty is extremely skittish towards new people, but tends to stand his ground instead of running or hiding.

He was delirious with fear when first entering Scartale, not able to speak more than a few words or even to eat or move without help, but once he calmed down and became more lucid a profoundly strong personality emerged that he most likely hadn't had in Scarfell. Dusty has Ash's stubbornness, loyalty, and idealistic view of the world, tempered with a calm resignation towards life's troubles and a childlike wonder towards any of the things he hadn't been able to experience in his world. He has a gray and nearly nonexistent sense of morality, most likely due to his upbringing, but is fiercely loyal to anyone who has shown him kindness or even simply not attacked him lately.

He speaks with a constant stutter that becomes worse when agitated, sometimes to the point of almost being unable to be understood.


Not much is known about Dusty or his world before he stumbled through a portal into the Scartale AU, but pieces can be put together from his dialogue with other characters.

In Scarfell, a high LV and HP denoted status, and lower-level monsters were kept as slaves or as pets. As a monster born with 1 HP, Dusty was used as a lab rat by W. D. Gaster in order to "earn his keep," and after Gaster died in the explosion that blinded Dusty his younger brother took ownership of him, training him as a sort of guard dog and using him to test new attacks on.

The events leading up to the Scarfell Genocide Run that destroyed his world may forever remain a mystery, as he refuses to talk about it.


Dusty is a younger version of Ash, and therefore shorter and more slender. His face is cracked on both sides, and leaks red at random times without provocation. His left eye is a fuzzy unfocused red, and the other eye is a blank black space that he eventually covers with a patch.

He was first seen wearing a black-and-red straitjacket with the Royal Guard crest on it, and a heavy iron collar welded around his neck; he later wears one of Papyrus's old striped sweaters. His body is almost entirely covered in scars, and he will frequently wear bandages and band-aids to hide them.

Abilities and Weaknesses

Dusty has the same abilities as Ash, including his ability to interact with dead SOULs and to see people's emotions and intent. Although these abilities aren't seen to be used, Dusty's may be stronger than Ash's since in a Fell world most magic is red, implying a high amount of Determination is present. Unlike Ash, he may be able to summon a fully formed Gaster Blaster and maintain it long enough to fire.

Dusty has more luck with complex emotions, since his SOUL is held together with Determination, a stronger substance than Patience. He remains relatively stable even after his version of Papyrus has died.

Dusty's main weakness is his lack of confidence and self-esteem, which makes it difficult for him to remember to take care of himself and to interact with other people.



Very little is known about any of Dusty's prior relationships, and he rarely mentions his brother. It's known, however, that this Papyrus kept Dusty as a guard dog and considered him to be less than a "real" monster. It can be assumed that Scarfell Papyrus had his counterpart's ability to influence and manipulate another's mental and emotional state; it's not directly stated that he used this ability on his brother, but would explain why Dusty seems so bitter about him.


The Gaster in Dusty's AU raised him to believe that he was owed nothing in life due to his poor HP and had to earn everything he was given. He treated Dusty as a tool and used him as raw material for several experiments before the CORE explosion claimed both Dusty's eyes and Gaster's life.


Dusty refuses to talk about what can be assumed to be their adoptive parent in Scarfell, so their relationship is still unclear. The first sight of Scartale Ari sens him into a panic, but it's not stated whether this is from bad memories or simply from seeing a human.

Scartale Characters

The Scartale skelebros and Ari consider Dusty as a kind of little brother, and he is living in their house during the main events of the Scartale plotline.


  • Dusty and Ash are not as different in personality as most Fell AU counterparts, since Scartale is similar to a Fell universe already.


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