Sadys is a combination of Sans from Undertale and Bendy from Bendy and the Ink Machine.


Beans (or Sadys) Looks like classic but minor changes. Beans wears a white bow-tie, and his hoodie is gone. He now wears a black long sleeved jumpsuit and his head is partially detached from the main body. His head also has two little horns in the same style as Bendy. When he jumpscares you, his face will melt and where his left eye (socket) should be, there will be a red glaring eye. He also wears the old-fashioned "Micky Gloves".



They don't really talk much.


His brother. They have a deep relationship. Sadys acts more child like around him since he is the youngest of the two.

Betty Angel

His sister. They like to have competitions.


has a major crush on him.

Backstory; Pacifist

Sadys was a human that signed up for a job at SillyVision. He wasn't given details of what it was or what he had to do. Another man, around 18, was also with him and they were taken one at a time to a small room. Sadys entered but couldn't find the other man. He was strapped to a table and killed. When he woke up again, he found himself feeling different. He was now made of ink and a tiny devil with horns and a tail. There was a wolf next to him. Sadys couldn't remember what had happened or who he was until Gaster Drew came and explained that he created them. Gaster D explained that they were cartoon characters and made to entertain kids.

Years Later, Sadys found a journal owned by Gaster. He found out about his human self, Sadys Osankin, and kept it to himself. He read what Gaster planned and intended to get even with him. He killed Joey and left his world to join the Alternate Underverse team. He now works as a half-guardian. He secretly wants to be human again from the never-ending pain he has from being made of ink.

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