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Revive!Sans is a Sans made by user PAPYRUS IS THE BEST22. He is supposed to revive destroyed AUs and teach the creators of forgotten AUs ways to get them noticed. His brother is Fade!Sans who destroys horrible AUs. Revive!Sans has a idol. His idol is Ink!Sans.

He can make rainbow Gaster Blasters to eliminate his enemies and he throws colorful bones.

He has some sort of relationship with Blueberry, as he always bringing Blueberry on adventures way past his bedtime. He can travel to lots of AUs and he can only be seen by the Sanses. If he wants to get seen by everyone he has to take out his soul but he can only do that for 10 mins before he eventually breaks up and dies.


Revive!Sans' is a badly drawn that his face is so ugly that his face looks like a dick and everyone died.

Is dark blue with purple lines and rainbow things.

The End

His face is SO CRINGWORTHY that his looks like a Badly Drawn Sans from Undertale Repainted


Revive!Sans is very cheerful and playful. He likes to play around with Revive!Papyrus and tell his puns (that only she thinks are funny) to Revive!Toriel. He gets very lonely if Toriel dies but he just gets mean if Papyrus is killed too. He often screams if someone approaches him from behind and might hit them with a Gaster Blaster. He also has a naughty side. If he gets near hotdogs he starts to go crazy until he gets enough nerves to whack Papyrus in the head with a bat. Sometimes he can be VERY serious when Papyrus is beaten up. Once he almost killed himself when he got near hotdogs. That developed a deep hate between him and the hotdogs.


Fade!Sans- He hates him even though he is his brother. Once he booby trapped his casserole with super duper spicy peppers.

Revive!Toriel- She is the only one who likes his puns so they have the strongest relationship ever in the whole ReviveTale universe.

Major hotdog (prepare to cringe) - He hates him and his hotdog army because he made him almost kill Revive!Papyrus. Major hotdog hates him in return.

Revive!Papyrus- Revive!Sans and him have the same relationship as in regular undertale.

Blueberry- Revive!Sans loves to go on an adventure with him (way past his bedtime xxxx whew nailed it)

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