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Rescuetale Sans is a member of the Rescue Monsters.



Rescue!Sans is much more active than normal Sans. Papyrus is amazed at how active his brother is. Alphys sometimes says that Sans is just as active as Papyrus, to which Undyne says, "That's not possible; no one can be as active as Papyrus." Sans often rests whenever he can, which Papyrus now understands as they are Rescue Monsters.


When the Rescue Monsters became a team, Sans thought he should wear something more suited to his profession. He now wears an orange and yellow vest, a long-sleeved grayish blue work shirt, long pants with brown knee patches, work boots and a hard hat. Sans also wears a belt with an "R" on the buckle and a headset.

Powers and Abilities

Rescue!Sans is much more powerful than his classic counterpart. All the training, rescuing and Alphys' equipment has increased his Attack, Defense and HP exponentially. Sans can use his telekinesis to move away fallen debris and rubble.

Sans can also use Gaster Blasters, however because Rescuetale takes place in a Pacifist Route, he has never had to use them. He will not use them to make clear holes to get into damaged building with people in them. This is because he is afraid that he will hurt or kill whoever is trapped in buildings said sans, Sans has a special jackhammer that he can use to get to people trapped in buildings and rooms. This tool was developed by Alphys.



Sans and Papyrus are still very close. Sans often feels like being a Rescue Monster has brought him and his brother even closer together.


Sans considers Frisk a great friend. Frisk has not only freed the monsters from the Underground, but he was the one who got Sans and the others into rescuing.


  • The Rescuetale Sans sprite was made by TheNitroFlamer.
  • Before he became a Rescue Monster, Sans has seen images of people shipping him with Toriel. He said that was "sick and wrong".
    • Sans was happy when Toriel and Asgore got back together. "i'm happy you two are back together. maybe people will finally stop shipping me with "her(Toriel)".

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