"Surprise, little human..."
-Remorse, to Chara
Sans is the older brother of Papyrus, and the only survivor of a Genocide run. He was created by Fandom User Vincent Endethyst, or Youtuber V. C Endethyst the Rogue Soldier


Sans in this au looked just like his Undertale Counterpart, with the exception of having a taller and more narrow skull and having fur on his hood, as well as being skinnier. But when the human came and commited genocide, he changed drastically. The hatred, shock, anger, and all of his other negative emotions overwhelmed him, and added onto his physical form. They began to mutate him and his mind. Four, long, spider-like legs burst from his back, on which he usually stands. Because they burst from his back, where his spider legs come out, his hoodie and clothing underneath is torn and burst open as well. The tips of his long fingers are very sharp and curved. His right eye is completely white except for a small space where his dark socket is visible. it contains no pupil. The left eye is the same, except it's red. His teeth have become bloodstained and very long and sharp, like small daggers. Papyrus' scarf is around his neck, and his entire outfit is covered in dust and blood. A noose is also around his neck, from his earlier attempt to commit suicide, which made his neck tilt to the side slightly. Like Dust!Sans, his hood is always on, but it's blue and has fur at the end. Like Classic Sans, he always smiles, but it has different vibes. Creepy, unsettling vibes. In some variations, it's shown he has a red, forked tongue.


Sans in Remorsetale does not enjoy puns as much, and he is very crazed and sadistic. He stopped being angry with Chara for destroying the monsters, and he just wanted to kill them for fun. He has no emotions anymore, so he is even unable to feel hate. The only feeling that circulates within him is bloodlust.

Powers and Abilities

Having strong pseudo-spider legs, he can scale verticle walls with ease. He can summon large gaster blasters (6 ft long, 3 feet tall) that are bloodstained, have long, sharp teeth, and have empty sockets with black fluids leaking from both. He can manipulate razor-bones, bones that are outlined in razor blade and rotate at high speeds (30 revolutions per second) upon impact. Due to their chainsaw-like function, they roar just like a chainsaw when activated. He can also cloak himself for a maximum time of 65 seconds, and teleport medium-distances. His favorite attack is jumping into the air with his spider legs, then falling down in his foe, usually impaling them with the legs. If it doesn't kill them, he will proceed to ride on the victim, usually laughing uncontrollably. Somehow, he gained the ability to corrupt files. He uses this ability to put Frisk/Chara at a disadvantage.


  • His brain does not function like it used to, and is highly unstable.
  • He is unable to swim, but can still dwell on the bottom of the body of water.
  • Most monsters will begin to melt if they are exposed to too much determination, but Remorse!Sans will turn absolutely crazy when exposed to it, and will begin to act like an animal.

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