Sans in this AU is insane. He is bent on killing any humans that may fall into the Underground. He is, however, one of two monsters that will later protect the human, if they are not going Genocidal.



He is lazy, but admits that he has narcolepsy, but people commonly don't believe him. He is very protective over Mae and Papyrus. He often gets distracted, and after he regains focus, he is scolded. He has visible depression, but often denies it. He and Mae are the two most merciful (after qualifications are met) monsters in the Underground.


He has white bones and no hair. His pupils are red circles, and he has several scars over his left eye socket. He is shown to have sharp teeth.

He wears a red T-shirt, dark jeans and combat boots. He often has a dark red jacket tied around his waist.


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