Camryn is a Sentry in Snowdin, Waterfall and Hotland and a pizza vendor in Hotland. She is a supporting character inthe Neutral and Pacifist routes and the final boss and heroic antagonist in the Genocide Route.

"heya. i'm camryn. camryn the fox."
– Camryn upon meeting.



She is very lazy and punny. She often teases Caleb with puns, jokes and pranks. She, however, greatly supports him. She is devastated and enraged if he's killed. She often tries to sell wares and uses other shifty methods to make money.

While usually agreeable, she can get eerily serious, namely before Jared's fight with Caleb. She made a promise with Vickie that she'd protect any human to exit the RUINs. In this AU, she enjoys drinking coffee, and is unaffected by the caffeine.

If Caleb is killed, she is very observant, and watches during the Taylor fight, with her hood over her head. No matter Jared's decisions during her judgement, if Caleb was killed, she reminds him of that before seemingly teleporting away.


She has copper shoulder length hair and dark brown eyes. Her eyes flash purple and light blue in battle. Her fox ears and tail are scarlet and has white at the ends.

She wears a white T-shirt/sweater, an open black coat/hoodie, black basketball shorts and blue sneakers/slippers. No matter the shoes she wears, she often wears socks, and leaves them around, much to the behest of Caleb.


(Coming soon)

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