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TimeKid!Sans is a young monster from the past who is capable of skipping from Timeline to Timeline through teleportation, or most commonly known by many as "Shortcuts". Also, due to some experimental procedures, Sans was endowed with a fragment of a human soul, allowing his magic to more likely increase to a point where he can tear small holes into the multi-verse. He constantly uses this as his ways of transportation now. and often times travel further into the Timelines to pull pranks and discover what's on the 'otherside' out of curiosity. This however, was starting to become a problem as the small holes in the dimensions start to expand, eventually opening the doorway to the multi-verse to other people. Just when things couldn't get any worst, the malicious flower Flowey somehow manage to find one of the portal and took the opportunity travel back in time. Fortunately he couldn't go any further back in time than to where Sans have been.......So he improvised....and his devious plans is what lead Sans to take on this heroic quest and try to make things right again.

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