"Did you have a funny playtime?"

-Strings to Frisk in the battle-

Puppet!Sans , Sanstrings or short Strings, is a puppet version of Sans. He comes from the Undertale AU called Puppettale. His creator is Shiro-Dovahkiin from Tumblr. She created the AU Puppettale too.


Strings is a puppetskeleton that is mind controlled by his creator mad Madster alias Gaster. He is like marionett and have strings when he is in the fight with Madster together. He has two souls inside, one from himself with the colour orange and that piece from Madster, to control Strings. The soul from Madster is red. In the most of the time, he is evil because of the soulpiece from Madster, but he wishes that the fallen human free him one day and kill Madster.

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