"Hey you look like you've seen a ghost."

Sans is the brother of Papyrus, He is also a major character in PhantomTale. He first appears in the forest in Snowdin.


In This Au, Sans becomes a Phantom making him transparent and can go into some sort of full ghost mode allowing him to fly and become intangible

Distinctive Features

Sans now a phantom has a transparent look, with slightly altered colors, his sweater is Purple and Green. When he decides to fly of his legs disappear and gains a ghost tentacle.


Flight: Since he is a ghost he has flight enabled, though he has his shorcuts sometimes he freely flies for fun.

Ghost Splat: Just a ball of ectoplasm that he usually throws to gross you out. does no damage, unless its a concetrated version.

Ectoplasm: this is a passive, it basically means if you walk through him or any other ghost you get ectoplasm all over you, its very disgusting.



Frisk/The Protagonist

Frisk is one of Sans's human friends....and only.


Papyrus is Sans's older brother, despite Sans's pranks and puns, they are very great brothers.

Sans admire and cares for his brother alot. He reads him plenty of bedtime stories and leaves presents in the identity of Santa.


Sans and Toriel are very great friends and enjoy bad puns. They never really see each other face to face except in certain endings and/or during the ghost void entrapment. While not to make any promises, Sans compiles Toriel's request to protect any child from the ruins.


None yet, fans made add if they want

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