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"Seems you really want to have a bad time, huh?"
– Sans encountering the Shadows.

Sans is oldest son of W.D. Gaster and older brother of Papyrus, and Co-worker of Alphys. He joins Frisk, Trench and Asriel for their quest of destroying The Fragment.


Sans looks pretty much similar as in all AU's : He is short, chubby(?) skeleton who wears blue jacket. However, Patrol!Sans wears his lab coat underneath his jacket, saying "It was a drag to take it off every time he went out, so he left it there."


Sans is laid-back, yet smart skeleton with high IQ, capable of understanding things that leave most of the monsters confused, including the fact that Trench is not from their world, and that there are multiple AU's out there.

He seems to be bit overprotective towards both his brother and Fallen Children. While he does act cool, there are times he loses his cool and just fires his Gaster Blaster at his enemies without thinking.


Coming later! Would not want to spoil the story, now would I?

Abilities and Powers

  • Blue Attack : While physically weaker than his brother, Sans is more skilled with magic, capable of using blue attacks that damage those who move in them with large variability of bones.
  • Gaster Blasters : Sans is capable of conjure device with appearance of a dragon's skull, Gaster Blaster, that can fire powerful beams of energy. He can also form a small one around his hand to fire a miniature Gaster Blast. It is weaker, but more precise.
  • Teleportation : Sans has access to "Shortcuts", even The Fragment's presence makes it hard to teleport past the Waterfall. Sans can use this in combat to avoid attacks.
  • Telekinesis : Sans is capable of grab his opponents (or bag of chips) with telekinetic force and throw them across the walls.


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