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Quote- 'Power isn't everything. I never thought I was going to be a leader. Let that be a message to you. Anything is possible. Here you will be accepted'.

Eras Bold is the main protagonist of OverIsland created by WanderingWarrior647 AKA SimplyFlowey on Tumblr. He's an AU protector and his main goal is to help Error and restore him to his original form. Eras is King of Tidulidde. He's not a Sans but an identical, distant ancestor of Sans. He fills AUs with strength and will power.


Eras as he appears in OverIsland


Small white skeleton that's quite bulky with bright blue eyes wearing a white and golden, swirly, striped scarf that sometimes covers his mouth and a cherry-red hoodie with white stripes traveling along his arms. In battle part of her hoodie will burst into flames. She wears a pair of jet-black tracksuit bottoms, crisscrossed with red shapes and goes barefoot. Her appearance slightly changes depending on what AU she visits. In her wolf form her scarf replaces her tail. There's a large crack on one of her cheeks. As he grows his design changes. His redesign is quite disturbing His skull is battered with cracks and scars and his front teeth are missing. His tracksuit bottoms are also ripped. The pupils of Eras' eyes are usually little pale blue 'suns' or 'stars'. He's easy to identify by the 'suns' in his eyes. The skeleton's current scarf is blue and white with zig zag stripes. His only weapon is the orange flames he summons. His injuries are partly the result of Fresh pushing him into water, causing him to hit off some rocks, losing his front teeth. His black tracksuit bottoms include orange stripes.


He can adapt to any AU he visits and tries to imitate other characters. As a result, this can annoy and confuse others. Eras is able to shape-shift into a wolf and change in size. He's an often target for Fresh because of how powerful he is. Her wolf form is usually used for transportation between AUs. Her common wolf form is a large, tall white wolf with piercing blue eyes. Eras can summon fire.

Ink Eras

Inktale form (wolf)

Anti-void Fear Eras

Anti-Void form (wolf)

Fell Eras

Underfell form (wolf)

Fresh Eras

Underfresh form (wolf)

Swap Eras

Underswap form (wolf)

Undertale Eras

Undertale form (wolf)


Gender- Male

Debut- OverIsland

Affliations- Neutral


In his younger years he was unsure and really shy. As he grows up he gains confidence, becoming outgoing. He's fun, caring, quite bossy and very protective.


Fresh (enemy)

Lionel (foster father)

Starfall (biological mother/creator)

Florence (friend)

Challenge (son)

Chance (son)

Roda (deceased daughter)

Paige (son. Non-canon)

Moon (foster father/guardian/mentor)

Cobion (pet dog)

Lana (friend)

Pilot (friend)

Solanis (enemy)

Error Sans (rival)

Reaper Sans (enemy)

Rowan (enemy)

Nightmare Sans (enemy)

Cross Sans (rival)

Eras is the main protagonist of OverIsland. Inspiration for Eras came from characters like Ink! Sans, Cross and Fresh to make this character. He has the ability to restore corrupted timelines but only by little bits at a time. On 17th February 41x he came firing out of a volcano shocking everyone. He's one of the strongest characters in the AU, being slightly stronger than Nightmare, and has been challenged by many other characters. He's the leader and protector of his island who reigned for many years.

In Battle

HP- 1000

Atk- 500

Def- 354

(Shape-shifted) HP- 2050

Atk- 400

Def- 367

*He tends to attack more than dodge.

He can summon fire.


He's scared of the dark, water and tight spaces.




-He somehow encountered Ink Sans when he was younger who gave him a white and yellow scarf. His current scarf is blue, white and long in length, with three stars. It's zig zagged with stripes.

-Eras is the cause of Error's Haphephobia. In an encounter Eras accidentally set Error on fire, scaring him for life.

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