This character has completely changed!


Eras as she appears in OverIsland


Small white skeleton that's quite bulky with bright blue eyes wearing a white and golden, swirly striped scarf that sometimes covers her mouth and a cherry-red hoodie with white stripes traveling along her arms. In battle part of her hoodie will burst into flames. She wears a pair of jet-black tracksuit bottoms, crisscrossed with red shapes and goes barefoot. Her appearance slightly changes depending on what AU she visits. In her wolf form her scarf replaces her tail. There's a large crack on one of her cheeks.


She can adapt to any AU she visits and tries to imitate other characters. As a result, this can annoy and confuse others. Eras is able to shape-shift into a wolf and change in size.

Ink Eras

Inktale form (wolf)

Anti-void Fear Eras

Anti-Void form (wolf)

Fell Eras

Underfell form (wolf)

Fresh Eras

Underfresh form (wolf)

Swap Eras

Underswap form (wolf)

Undertale Eras

Undertale form (wolf)


Gender- Female

Aliases- Leader

Debut- OverIsland

Family- Lionel (also known as Lion. Foster father)

Starfall (biological mother/creator)

Florence (friend)

Challenge (son)

Chance (deceased son)

Roda (deceased daughter)

Paige (son. Non-canon)

Moon (foster father/guardian/mentor)

Coby (pet dog)

Solana (friend)

Pilot (friend)

Solanis (enemy)

Error Sans (enemy)

Reaper Sans (enemy)

Rowan (enemy)

Nightmare Sans (enemy)

Cross Sans (rival)

Species- Volcanic skeleton hybrid

Age- 15 (3 at birth)

Eras is the main protagonist of OverIsland. Inspiration came from characters like Ink! Sans and Cross from Underverse to make this character. She has the ability to restore corrupted timelines but only by little bits at a time. On 17th February 41x she came firing out of a volcano shocking everyone. She's one of the strongest characters in the AU and has been challenged by many other characters. She's the leader and protector of her island who reigned for many years.

In Battle

HP- 1000

Atk- 500

Def- 354

(Shape-shifted) HP- 2050

Atk- 400

Def- 367

She tends to attack more than dodge. She can summon fire.


She's scared of the dark, water and tight spaces.



Cause of death

There are many theories and possibilities for how she died. Her death could've been caused by injury, suicide, exhaustion, old age or drowning. The mostly likely one is that she drowned


She somehow encountered Ink Sans when she was younger who gave her the white and yellow scarf.

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