"You're mine. I won't let anyone take you from me. You got a bone to pick with me about that?" -Sans at Frisk
Otakutale Sans is a student at Delta Rune High. She likes puns, ketchup and Frisk. She hates Chara, chores and Pumpkin Pie. Otakutale Sans is the main antagonist of Otakutale. Her birthday is August 7, 1999.

Otakutale Sans was designed by Ruri, and the personality was made by Natalie, Ruri and Diamond


Sans lived a normal life with her brother, Papyrus. They looked out for each other while their father was away on business trips. Sans never met her mother as she died as soon as Sans was born. Sans attended Delta Rune High and met Frisk. Sans soon became infatuated with Frisk, always thinking about her and practically wanting to be her. Sans spirals into madness while her brother tries to help her. Soon, Sans believes everyone is trying to take Frisk, leading her to go on a murder spree.


Sans is typically laid back, kind and humorous. She however changes as time progresses. Sans becomes quiet, aggressive and paranoid. Towards Frisk however, Sans acts flirty, possessive and kind.


Toriel- Their relationship is very good, as they are genuinely friends despite Toriel teaching Sans. Toriel lets Sans get away with doing no work and skipping class. Sans would keep promises for Toriel too.

Grillby- Sans and Grillby are good friends. Sans vents out her issues to Grillby, admitting even her obsession with Frisk to him. Sans always is supportive of Grillby, stating that they are better than a 5 star chef.

Papyrus- Sans and Papyrus were rather close a first. However as time passed, Sans began to shut Papyrus out, despite Papyrus desperately wanting to be a part of Sans' life. Sans admits to regretting being so cold towards Papyrus.

Frisk- Sans and Frisk started off as good friends. Sans however, was obsessed with Frisk as soon as she attended their school. Frisk genuinely fears Sans and wants nothing to do with her. Sans tries anything to get Frisk to be hers- even murder.

Chara- Sans hates Chara as Chara was always prone to pick on Sans, this hatred growing more as Chara takes a liking to Frisk. Sans sees Chara as nothing more than an obstacle and an annoyance.


Sans has many powers. Being able to conjure up bones, make things with magic, teleport and summoning Gaster blasters are a few of Sans' powers. Sans takes advantage of these powers when it comes to getting what she wants.

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