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OWOtale Sans

( Warning: This will contain swears from the authors angry grumbling about being forced to write this. All the spelling mistakes are my fault, and my fault only. DO NOT EDIT WITHOUT PERMISSION. This is a still developing AU. Yes, thats right, im really devoting my time and energy on this fucking AU. )

This little shit was created by Paige Milo on Deviantart and Tumblr. Honestly, where do i even begin with this one? Honestly, he was just a figment of the author's imagination till BOOM, theres this crap.

Honestly, its just sans with a cotton like colloa and an 'owo' face to replace the jokester one. But, with the tatic of shorter arms, he cant reach any high places.


Hes just....owo. He litterally has no personality, other than shouting puns and memes. Hes also, incredibly fucking lazy. Papyroo is not fond of his puns to the point where he just shouts 'NEIN'.

Im sorry reader.


gASSter blASSter: Its just eyes shooting red lazars. I have nothing else to say.

B O N E R S: its just bones that vibrate.

Telerpotation: Just....teleports?

Backstory ( how he was created )

The creator though about making a shitpost for a Cringe Blog on Tumblr. Here came shit for brains named OwO.


Hooman- He doesn't really the trust the kid at first during the meeting. Once their on pasifist, hes just found on the Judgement Hall Floor, sleeping. On Genocide, hell breaks loose. Mostly shouting memes and B O N E R S.

Papyroo- He annoys his brother, but he still loves them. Brotherly love my dudes *winks*

Torrle- She needs her meds jfc

Assgores- I have no idea

Undine- She likes to dine....underwater. Sans is fucking weirded out by this little shit.

Aphoos- Thoroughly disgusted by this anime secretly, he kinda enjoys their company.

Flownie- Fucking....HELL.

Tommie- The only real person that can acually make up their mind, hes oddly weirded out by their logic and attention to detail. They dont talk much lmao

Other Sans's- He knows about the timelines, but just doesint really care too much of their wellbeing to visit. So nones known unless someone can notice his ass.


~Hes a major ass when it comes to insulting memes.

~I have nothing else to put lmao.

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