Neo is the fusion of Create, Backwards and Invert.



He can get excited easily, but is mostly calm and collected. He has an unusual fondness to coloring books, showing more childish behvior. Despite his sweet demeanor, if the situation demands it, he gets eerily serious, and angry. He has a slight temper. He's not as powerful as Invert or Create, but is more powerful than Backwards. He has a close friendship with Aurora. he is very well recoverd after anger and easily calms down.


He has white bones and no hair. His left pupil is multicolored and heart-shaped, while his right is a red teardrop.

He wears a white long sleeve undernesth a multicolored T-shirt, black basketballs shorts and red boots with green soles. He has a brown purse, which carries his art supplies. Mostly, to hide himself, he wears a cloak, which is multicolored, that he designed from a piece of fabric and a rope.



He respects Aurora, and has a slight crush on him. They are close friends.


From Create and Backwards, Neo obviously hates him. He sometimes draws fantasies about how he'd kill him.


He hates her, and wants to kill her, then hide the body in the ocean, where no one would find it. He gets very threatening towards her.


He hates him. He often makes fun of him for being a ghost. Although, he also has a slight crush on him.


He has no opinion about her.


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