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Negative!Sans is a character made by Bone Apetit. Its a AU Destroyer, unlike the other AU Destroyers, this one is unique. It lives with their brother instead of them splitting up, and its not an Error.

Are you looking for... this one? Negative



There is a black line in his cheek, when he is mad or depressed, it glows blue. Including his pupils. This sans mostly wear blue as they think its a color of negative, there is some black lines in their shirt.

This sans wears a torned shirt, and a scarf. again, Negative. He also wears jeans and shoes.


Unlike any AU destroyers, he is the friendly AU destroyer, he tried to attempt destroy one but he cant, since there is no problems or anything in a AU. He is very sleepy and lazy, but his brother, Positive, wont interrupt his sleep like shouting at him.

He is very helpless, and fearful during fights, Positive always tried to practice him fighting, but he cant. He might someday know how to fight in the future.

He is very good at fighting when his mad, his marks and his pupils glow when his expressing negative emotions ( Angry, Sad, etc. ) when his marks and his pupils glow yellow, its a sign that his brother is dead, other than that, it surprise negative, since it shows memories.


He still have his Abilities, Gaster blasters, bones. But he uses his fists and his feet to attack since it deals more damage, he knows how to use gaster blasters, but he tried to summon them. If he was mad, he can summon Gaster Blasters.


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He always care about him, however, he kinda feels jealous or sad for a bit since he get too much attention than him, but he won't plan to kill him in the future.


As being a AU Destroyer, Negative hates Error. But he is very fearful and helpless to fight him, so he would do his commands. He dosen't want to do some violent commands, but he is forced to do it.


Negative never met Ink, but he was told by his brother about him. He don't know what does he look like, he don't know what kind of AU is he. But being told by his brother, he thinks he is a AU Protector.


  • Negative is like Nightmare, but emotions instead. And don't feel hatred around his Brother.

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