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"Do you Believe in God?"
– Negative

AU basics

Made in an AU where Error had come and destroyed everything and everyone they loved. The Sans from this AU ( Undertale 2.0 ) had to stop him, but failed. Instead of killing him, Error decided it be more fun if he let sans have a taste of his power. Instead of giving him just a little, Sans 2.0 took all his power.

Afterwards, Sans 2.0 slowly started to grow insane up until the point of ripping himself in half. This ended in the result of there now being 2 new Sans. One corrupted and the other pure.

The other in the pair is Glitch.


Negative is a skeleton missing his upper half of his body. After the occurrence of this accident, Negative ended up with black hands and black fingers with green tips. He wears a black hoodie and has a pair of black shorts with green stripes. His right eye is green, while the left eye has a pink color surrounding his white pupil. He doesn't wear a shirt. When you look at him, you can see the empty void in his chest.


Negative is a bit of active and less creative character. He likes messing around, and he enjoys insulting people with a shit eating grin on his face. When angered too much, Negative will freeze like a TV screen, and the words {Buffering} will be put across his head. This problem of his can take minutes, if not hours to fix. He also has bad habit of making comics, which is why Ink enjoys spending time with him. Even though Negative doesn't really like him.



Clones: Negative has the power to make clones of himself. To do so would result in him splitting his soul into pieces, just so that the clones would be able to 'live'. He would have to make the clones do what he says, which results in losing magic. This has a big effect on him, and Negative will deplete a big amount of magic. He normally just sticks to 3 clones, because it's easier. If he were to go over that number, he would end up ending his own life. This is a reason why he only uses more than 3 in case of emergencies.

Hand Blast: Damage 50,008: using a deadly type of magic know only by him as ''Corruption''. Using this takes up alot of power, and is more than he prefers to use when fighting someone.


When Negative has been angered to a certain point, he will freeze like TV and the words {Buffering} will be spelt across his forehead. This can take minutes, and if not hours, for him to personally fix this. This is an opportunity, as he is leaving himself open for attack.

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