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"*one day...he will see."
– Sans talk about Frisk/Moretale

'More!'Sans is the main character and a protagonist in Moretale.


Unlike other Sanses, this one is shy and wishy-washy. More!Sans also gets afraid easily and it's easy to make him cry like a baby for some reasons. More!Sans likes to stay in his home. When his brother was alive he always depended on him for everything. He is lazy and loves every kind of video games. More!Sans hates ketchup, so instead he likes mayonnaise.


After Frisk took control of the whole earth, More!Sans worked really hard to make a time machine after so many monsters had fallen. More!Sans finally did it without knowing that he was an observer of Frisk.

Frisk's robots broke into More!Sans's lab to prevent him from using his time machine in last minute. More!Sans entered his time machine but unfortunately his machine didn't make him return to the past but instead made him enter between multiverses. After reprimanding himself for a period he met Ink.

At first, More!Sans was confused. Later, Ink!Sans told him about AUs and everything about AUs and told him a new plan. Ink's new plan was to make an army of all the AU Sans. More!Sans accepted but Ink!Sans told him that not all of the Sanses are nice.

Ink made More!Sans move to dreamtale.

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