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Template:Dusty'sCharacterTemplateManiac!Sans is a Sans that was fused with Asriel/Flowey the reason for this is because a glitched genocide route happened, where the player was messing around with the game files making Asriel take Frisk's role. Before the fight they were fused into one being. Sans was confused at first but then after seeing his friends being killed over and over he went insane (Note: at the time Asriel was in control). Soon Sans gained control over the body and was able to travel to different AUs, he has kill several people in some timelines of the AUs.


Maniac!Sans shows no emotion, instead he always shows a very unsettling smile. Randomly when no one is around he likes to teleport to the Papyrus-role-taking characters and transform into Flowey, telling them predictions and other odd things. In battle his smile grows wider and the text when you fight him says "Sans looks hopeful to kill you, he dreams of your death". He is very talented in trickery and can fool the likes of Nightmare!Sans and Ink!Sans. He also likes to do magic tricks with cards.


  • Summon orange, blue, and normal bones
  • He can use telekinesis
  • His special attack includes using magic tricks with cards
  • Maniac!Sans has the ability to control people with his mind temporarily
  • In battle he dodges 30 times, even though he has 99 defence.
  • After he stops dodging he will begin taking hits
  • It takes 100 hits to kill him
  • He can teleport, he uses this ability when he is about to lose
  • He also can summon friendliness pellets which he calls "death pellets"
  • The other part of his special attack includes attacks like the Chaos Buster and Chaos Saber

Created by: DXManWhoSpeaksInHandsXD

Owner: 6DragonSlayer9

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