Knight Sans is the version of Sans from the KnightTale AU. He serves as Prince Guard, a mostly ceremonial position guarding the battlements atop Mt. Ebbot in the City of Home- the sprawling capital of the Monster Kingdom on the surface, as in this AU the monsters held their ground and were never forced underground.


Knight Sans is very similar to most sans physically, however he is a good few inches taller than Classic Sans. Beyond this, he also wears Pauldrons, a Chestplate, Elbow Guards, a Helmet, Chainmail and Gambeson in addition to his classic jacket. All of his armor is forged of a special metal, imbued with magic to give it increased durability and shock absorption. Meaning it can take a blow from a warhammer with hardly a dent, and the helmet minimizes blunt force damage from the same and from falls.

Sans is also capable of summoning his Longsword, which has a crossguard of the same material as his armor, but otherwise seems to be made of extremely resistant bone. It almost never chips and hardly needs sharpened.


Sans' personality is very similar to most Sans'- he loves telling terrible jokes, is incredibly lazy, and is a bit of a trickster. Unlike the majority of Sans' however, he has a certain air of self confidence. He is much more open, even to the point that he asked KnightTale's Toriel out on a date after their first meeting. He is also a bit cocky, which can get him into trouble sometimes. Overall though, he would do anything to protect those he cares for- Toriel and Papyrus- and the City of Home as a whole.

Abilities and Powers

Knight Sans' abilities act similarly to Classic Sans, however come from an entirely different source. When using his powers, both of his eyes glow a faint blue, emitting frost. The ground around him will also slowly be coated with a layer of ice, and the temperature of the air nearby will drop dramatically. So if it was not obvious, his power is primarily Frost based. He is still capable of his Blue Attack however, flinging people or objects around with ease, and teleporting on a whim.

On top of his magical powers, Sans is a skilled warrior, one of the best in the city, only below Asgore and Undyne. He has been studying the blade since he was young, and it shows. He is currently teaching Knight Frisk sword fighting in the Omega Timeline, much to the horror of his fellow Genocide Survivors.

When he is going all out, he is easily able to best anyone in his AU, and even some beyond, including Fell Sans, and potentially even Dust Sans though they have not fought, so this is not for certain.

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