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"Cross Will Regret What he Did to Me" -Hero Sans


Before Creator Sans built the universes and created timelines for them, their was Hero Sans. Hero Sans or better known as “Hero” was assigned by Creator Sans to protect the universes from his brother, Destroyer. And in return, Hero was allowed to build his own universe. Using his given power, Hero created a Tokyo inspired world with cherry blossoms, Dojos, and castles. He then filled it with characters such as Undyne, his brother, Papyrus, Mettaton, Alphys, Toriel, and King Asgore. While Hero was creating his own timeline, Creator was at work. He built many timelines and universes. He also built a social hub known as the Omega Timeline. A skeleton known as Ink Sans also got to build his own world in exchange for his protection. However, Ink Sans did not know how to fight. Luckily, Hero Sans has trained himself to the point where he was the greatest sword fighter to exist. And so he trained Ink Sans. And he became one of Hero’s best friends.

However, tragedy struck, Cross Sans lost his universe to a demon named Chara. So Hero Sans went to Cross’s empty world to comfort him. Later, Hero was walking in his world when he was impaled in the back by Cross Sans.

He almost died, but Ink Sans rescued him in time. And took him to Science Sans, where Hero was given Determination to survive. Instead of becoming a amalgamate, Hero’s soul pulsed with nothing but Determination, making him even stronger. Later, Hero was told that his universe was erased by A Unknown Person. Sometime After That, He disappeared without a trace.

Hero Now Lives In A Unknown Part Of The Void. He Has Not Been Driven Insane By The Void Due To His High Mental Strength. Everyone But Ink, Dream, And Science Think Hero Is Dead.


Hero Sans Is Very Charismatic and Friendly. But he is usually serious about his job. Hero only kills if he absolutely has to. He Will Usually Cripple enemies so they can't fight, then leaves them alone. Also, Hero Is Very Modest. He Is Also Brave And Likes Wordplay Puns.



Basic Attack, But Strong Enough To Break An Opponents Arm Or Leg.


Hero Can Teleport Anywhere within A 50 Mile Radius

Fire Magic

Hero Can Cast Fireballs, Raise Fire Around The Ground, And Set His Soul On Fire To Counter Gaster Snatchers

Shape Shifting/Disguise

Hero Can Change Into Guardians Or Villains And Gain Their Powers

Gaster Blasters

Basic Attack

Phoenix Blaster

Like A Gaster Blaster, But Can Deal Fire Damage

Ricochet Blaster

A Gaster Blaster That Shoots A Laser That Bounces Off The Walls, Damaging The Opponent From Many Different Positions

Death Blaster

A Gaster Blaster That Fires A Red Laser That Causes Instant Death Upon Hitting An Opponent, But It Fires A Very Small Laser

Justice Sword

Hero Sans's Main Weapon, He Can Set It On Fire To Deal Fire Damage


Hero Sans Can Disintegrate Weapons The Size Of A Dagger


Hero Sans Can Use Telepathy To Keep In Touch With Other Guardians

Rift Portals

Hero Sans Can Use Rift Portals To Travel To Different Universes

Mental Strength

Due To His High Mental Strength, Hero Is Immune To Any Hallucinations (Unless Caused By Natural Means), Mind Control, And Possessions.


Hero Can Bring Monsters Back From Death, But It Consumes A Lot Of Hero's Power

Demon-Hunting Kit

These Are The Weapons Hero Sans Uses To Hunt For The Sins Of 12 Or Demons In General. He Uses These 2 Weapons Along With His Normal Gear.

Holy Dagger

This Is Hero's Sub-Melee. When It Hits A Demon, It will Do 50 Damage And Blind Them. Non-Demon Enemies Do Not Get Damaged Or Blinded By The Dagger.

Cross Shot

A Christianity Cross That Split Into 4 Spikes That Do 21 Damage Upon Hitting A Demon. Once Again, This Doesn't Do Anything When It Hits A Non-Demon Enemy.


Too Much Power

If Hero Uses Too Much Power, He Will Pass Out

Breaking Hero's Block

If A Sans/Chara Manages To Deflect Hero's Block, Hero Will Be Staggered For 3 Seconds


Hero Won't Be Damaged By Water, But It Will Render His Fire Attacks Useless

Fresh Parasite

Hero Is Not Immune To The Fresh Parasite, But He Is Aware That It Exists And He Is Always Ready To Avoid It


Casual Outfit

Yellow And Black Jacket With a Yellow And Black Hood Up and Yellow and Black Pants With A Yellow And Light Pink Belt And Black And White Gloves.


Battle Outfit

Red and Orange Samurai Armor With a Red And White Cape and a Black ninja mask with a Red hood up with Light Pink And Brown Gloves.

Formal Outfit

Black and Yellow Jacket with A Black hood up and a Blue,Yellow,And Brown Belt And Black Pants And Boots with a White Undershirt And Black And White Gloves.

House Outfit


Green And Yellow Jacket With Green Straps And A Green And Yellow hood Up with Red and Yellow Pockets With A Yellow And Light Pink Belt And Red Pants with Black Boots and Black And White Gloves. Hero's stitched Up Scar From Cross's Attack is visible.

Eye Color

Usually Yellow, When Angry, Yellow And Orange Flames Will Come from His Eyes.



Hero Is Friends With Ink!Sans, Quantum!Sans, Dream!Sans, Seprahim!Sans, Digi!Sans, King Multiverse, Original Sans, And Core!Frisk


Hero is Neutral towards Any Sans That Does Not kill.


Hero Is Hostile to Dark!Sans (Especially Dark!Sans), Cross!Sans, Error!Sans, Killer!Sans, Murder!Sans, Destroyer Sans, Nightmare!Sans, And Dustale Sans.


Has A Crush On Ink


  • Once fought Dark!Sans, which resulted in a tie
  • Got some of his powers from Seprahim!Sans
  • Personally Met King Multiverse
  • Fell!Sans Punched Hero, So Hero lit his pants on Fire
  • Knows Who Deus!Sans Is
  • Usually Disguised As A Different Guardian Or Villain
  • Spotted Error404 Once
  • Hero Sans Has An IQ Of 300
  • Hero Once Fenced With KnightTale Sans

Sightings (Feel Free To Add Your Own)

  • Sighted in the Subspace pocket-dimension, Capitol of the Multiversal Republic.
  • Sighted in Tales from Equestria, enjoying the scenery.


Hero Sans Can Survive Many Attacks, Unlike Some Other Sans'es. Hero Sans Has A Angel Form, Which I will not Reveal, In this form, 999 Million Damage would only do a Blip of his health. When Hero Blocks Your Attack, He has A Chance to Counter, Dealing 3 Damage.


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