Dusty is a boss monster who takes the place of Sans in GoldenTale.

Physical Appearance

Dusty takes the appearance of a white-furred Nubian Goat, much like Toriel, Asgore and Asriel. He wears a deep blue sweatshirt, blue pants with light blue stripes, and dark red eyes. When he's pissed, his right eye glows green.



Dusty and Fluffy are good friends, although not related. However, they often clash heads.


Dusty is lazy and loves making puns. He makes (mainly goat) puns which often bother Fluffy, but Oheo seems to enjoy them. Also, he seems to love two things more than Fluffy. His Nintendo Wii U and pizza rolls.


Much like Sans and Papyrus (in the original Undertale), Dusty appeared out of seemingly nowhere. Not much is known about him.

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