God!Sans acts like the God to all the AU's, and prefer to be called by G. He lives in the AU GodTale



His arms are wrapped in black leather, with a black fingered glove on his right, and his left hand has a fingerless glove, both stuck in the wrapping.

he wears a light grey hoodie with no zipper and sleeves and wears a white basketball shirt.

He wears dark blue (mixed with some black and white details) pants and dark blue tennis shoes.

He also wears two pieces of jewelry: a Sans skull ring with black and white on the ring (not the skull) on his right middle finger, and a golden sapphire heart (Gold outside, Blue in the middle, and a white heart on the inside of the blue heart locket with four blue Gaster Blaster Fangs around the heart.

He has an eyepatch covering his left eye, where it glows golden blue when he is serious or in a fight. He also carries a Bone staff and sword on his back, providing cover for where his wings are. He has long brown hair with white tips at the ends.


God!Sans is very laid back, like most Sanses. But when he needs to, he becomes very serious. He likes to make jokes.

In Battle

G is known to be a hard to beat boss, since he has experience in fighting.

Sans Power

Gaster Blasters

As a Sans like chacater, he is able to summon Gaster Blasters. He uses them to fly if his wings can't work, as a platform, or as it's purpose: a Blaster.


He is able to also summon bones that can act as his supporters when injured, or like what other Sanses use: as a attack.


he can throw his opponents against walls at a fast pace.

SOUL Power

Like Omega Flowey, he is able to use the 6 Human SOULS, but not exactly like him. The sword G carries around is able to manipulate to SOUL power into his weapon, making it to any weapon the child used.

Human Power


He uses a All Purpose Sword that turns into anything he needs in his hand. He can also use the sword to help absorb any SOUL he needs.


Unlike other Sanses, he is more athletic than others, making

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