Gem!Sans, or more preferably, Gem, is an alternate version of Sans from the Gemtale universe.


Gem is a grayish skeleton that wears a dark blue scarf with a deep blue belt tied around his waist and a blue top underneath. He wears yellow cuffs on his shoulders and small gold cuffs on parts of his fingers. He wears ocean blue jeans with tall blue boots with black markings and edges.

Sometimes, mostly when being sneaky and doing things in secret, he can be caught with a bandanna tied around the bottom portion of his face. He is almost always wielding his scepter, which is his main weapon against enemies and allows him to become a dark blue puddle on the ground and sneak around without being easily noticed.


Gem can be described as a very curious, sneaky, and energetic pushover. With the right words, he can easily be deceived into helping even his worst enemies. He likes to make people laugh by doing silly and sometimes stupid things. He also has a strange habit of drawing on his scarf while thinking or bored. His memory is horrible, being able to forget things told to him within a two minute range. Because of this, he always brings a small clipboard so he can write things down to help him remember.

Gem was raised in a family of thieves, so naturally, he is a very sneaky thief, stealing whatever valuable or pretty thing he can get his hands on. Despite his strange and bad qualities, Gem is a very kind-hearted and generous person he is always being willing to put himself before others.


As said before, Gem is very sneaky, but when corrected or even scolded, is humble enough to return whatever he stole and repay whoever he stole it from. Gem is fascinated with science and nature, and when his homeland isn't being raided or attacked, or when he isn't up to something, he is usually sitting outside and playing with animals or watching the sun rise and set. He is easily deceived, as also stated earlier.

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