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This information is based on alternate scenes or materials, and is not considered canon within the overall plot of the AU series.
"Woah...uh...OKAY THEN?! What the actual F@#K?!" G!Sans after falling into the underground.


Gabe!Sans is simply the OC of a boy named Gabe made as his persona for the social media website Facebook. (the specific account will not be named and/or linked for privacy) As Gabe!Sans creator I simply wanted to make him an AU Sans and then see what happens from there. Everyone is allowed to use this character, ship this character, draw, write, anything. The only things I ask is to not claim the character as your own, (you don't need to credit me just don't straight up say it is yours.) PLEASE do not hate on me, you're allowed not to like the AU or the character but please don't harass me or anything. I honestly just want to see if this will turn into a good AU/character or not.


Gabe!Sans (we will refer to him as G!Sans from this point on.) Is a player who decided to attempt a genocide route and succeeded. Not wanting to see the good ending with Chara in it, the player downloaded a program that erases the evidence of a genocide rout from the game files. The player, now completing a pacifist route, with next to no consequences, was now ready to quit playing the game. But this time the ending has glitched into the post-genocide good ending. Chara, now enraged the player took the soul they promised them, pulls the player into the game which causes a complete reset. since the human's role would now be gone, (with the player not being behind the screen.) Chara decided to kill two birds with one stone. They erased Sans's code to make room for the player. Now, with the player close enough to steal their soul, and Sans out of the way, all they needed was for the player to complete another genocide route to give them enough power to return. The player, now trapped in the game, instead of trying to find a way out embraces the opportunity of being a game character. Plus having the human the player played as gone. He has all the original powers to reset, save and load. This causes the game's story to be changed around a bit (possibly not for the better.) but the majority of it is the same.


G!Sans appearance is about the same with only a few changes, the majority being wardrobe changes. Since G!Sans is the human player mixed with Sans, The new form would need some human matter besides only bone to contain the determination (since monsters do not have enough physical matter to contain the determination.) needed to reset, save, and load. This new bodily matter consists of skin, all through the body is still in the shape of a skeleton, and dark brown hair. The new wardrobe consists of a bright green jacket and black and red slippers. (the shorts and shirt remain the same.) The most out of place and noticeable difference in appearance is the Lucario/Riolu hat. G!Sans insists it is only a hat and despite the fact he proves this by taking it off once and awhile, the ears seem to move and correspond to what he is feeling, along with the aura sensing appendages on the sides floating up when he attacks, much the same to Lucario. On a final note, the white and blue pupils have been replaced with a bright green. (White swapped with green and blue swapped with bright green.)


  • Sans Bones.
  • Gaster Blasters.
  • Teleportation.
  • Telekinesis.
  • Aura Sphere.



G!Sans, now being this AU's Sans, has to take up the role of being Papyrus's brother. Fortunately, with the excitement of being a game character, and being in his favorite game, G!Sans is not as lazy as the original Sans (although he does like to keep it easy.) and is able to keep up with Papyrus's energy.


Since G!Sans is the former player and not actual Sans, G!Sans does not express any romantic feelings for Toriel but instead, sees her as his mother. Since G!Sans, in the events of the game, falls down into the underground, just like the human, Toriel sees him as her child in the same way as the human. This also means she sees Papyrus as her child as well, which Papyrus seems to enjoy just as much as G!Sans.


Surprisingly, G!Sans really seems to enjoy Flowey's company. G!Sans, not having the experience of Flowey's past timeline control, and having Flowey as his 2nd favorite character before the events of Chara's curse, really enjoys talking with Flowey. Flowey is the one character besides Chara and Gaster who know G!Sans is the player. Flowey has mixed feelings about it, however. Flowey finds G!Sans annoying but knows if he is the friend of the one being in the game who can reset, save, and load he could possibly use that to his advantage. The one thing holding Flowey back from outright killing G!Sans is the fact G!Sans knows Flowey is Asriel and he is aware of the pain Flowey goes through, not being able to feel love.


G!Sans does not mind Undyne and considers her as a friend and joins Papyrus and her for cooking lessons.Although G!Sans prefers learning his cooking from Muffet in a less, "Explodey" manner.


G!Sans is good friends with Alphys and watches anime with her near every day, he can't get through the constant binge watches he does with her, though, usually falling asleep on the halfway mark.


Unlike the original Sans which acts very smug and cynical towards Mettaton, G!Sans is his biggest fan, alongside Papyrus. They call themselves "Mettaton's #1 and a half Fans". Each one of them being the half to the #1 Fan.


G!Sans is Muffet's apprentice in her spider bakery. G!Sans seems to have some sort of crush on Muffet. (the reason being I can't really think of any other characters to ship him with and I just think it's cute :3) G!Sans has a passion for cooking just like Papyrus and this is the main reason Muffet accepted him as her apprentice. It is basically a Papyrus/Undyne chemistry. G!Sans tries his best to donate to Muffet's spider funds by buying her pastries (despite the fact he knows that they are made of spiders, and it makes him queasy.)


G!Sans does not seem to mind Asgore but does not agree with his need for human souls, so protects humans who fall down in the same way Toriel would.


Gaster does not like G!Sans as he believed the player has robbed him of his son. G!Sans does not want to be Gaster's enemy but still has to look over his shoulder every so often.


Chara is the one who cursed the player into the game as Sans. Chara is furious that G!Sans is enjoying himself and has the soul he promised them. So every time they get the chance they try to convince him to attempt a Genocide Route so they can meet him again to get revenge.


  • G!Sans has a soul the same as a human's
  • G!Sans's soul has the green trait. (obviously)
  • G!Sans is aware of other AUs (not through some extreme stuff. just because as a player he was a fan of Undertale AUs)
  • G!Sans's Lucario hat was handmade by Toriel.
  • The hat was meant to be an accessory similar to Papyrus's scarf so G!Sans and him could both have a signature item.
  • G!Sans gives no explanation of what the hat is based on to the other monsters.
  • Nor an explanation on how the hat can move.
  • Under G!Sans shirt is a skin covered rib cage, like the rest of his skin cover body.
  • Toriel, Gaster, Flowey, and Chara are the only ones aware G!Sans has a human soul.
  • Under the shirt and rib cage is the soul so G!Sans keeps sure to never take his shirt off. (if he did monsters would find out he had a much needed human soul to brake the barrier with.)
  • He apparently owns a pair of sunglasses.
  • I put WAY too much work into this.


Gabe!Sans in battle : Original artist: DasuDesu (link would not work)

G!Sans chilling: (The link doesn't work)

Colored G!Sans sprite:


Gabe Sans

G!Sans chilling

Colerd Gabe sans sprite

Colored G!Sans sprite.

Gabe Sans green fire

G!Sans in the middle of battle.


G!Sans (Made by Cool Dude, MrZephyr128)

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