"are you ready to have a bad time?"
– Sans' introduction

Sans is a boss in Freak Fortress 2. He is a supporting character (if doing Pacifist Route) or a heroic antagonist (if doing a Genocide Run) in Undertale.


Gaster Blaster

Rage: Gaster Blaster

  • Sans becomes ubercharged and gains several Gaster Blasters around himself for about 7 seconds. Meleeing during the rage launches a short-ranged bolt of electricity that deals damage.

Charge-Ability: Teleport

Main Attack: Bat Outta Hell

Secondary Fire: Pomson 6000


Sans with his eye glowing

Tips for playing as Sans

  • Your high jump is a great help but can also hinder you. Note where you are going to jump to avoid clashing with ceilings.
  • The lightning bolts during your range are very short-ranged. Do not try to strike enemies from afar.

Tips for playing against Sans

  • It is especially important to watch your surroundings at all times since Sans possesses both a high jump and a teleport ability.
  • Be careful of getting near Sans when he rages. While still short-ranged, the lightning bolts have more range than his melee.


  • Sans' theme is his battle theme from Undertale called MEGALOVANIA.
  • Sans uses a Sniper model.
  • He is one of the few bosses that has a high jump by default.

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