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This information is based on alternate scenes or materials, and is not considered canon within the overall plot of the AU series.
First!Sans is the Sans that created everything.

She was made by TheUndertaleFan355.


First!Sans lived in the galaxy dimension, a combination of her creativity and the anti void. First!Sans came up with Alphatale which jumpstarted the Undertale timelines. But with every Pro there is a Con. When she was making Undertale she knew her creativity was running out,so she tried to limit her magic use.She later was almost driven into insanity. After a week of creating AUs half of her just wanted to destroy all of them for fun fun fun fun! and the other half wanted to create more and more and more.This later drove her to insanity.To silence them she made an essence called DETERMINATION, this however was her final time she made anything. When she injected herself with it she split into two, the galaxy dimension also split into two after she died. All of her destruction and creation went to two separate beings, however her soul had too much power to be split so it went to one of the two, however with that much power one of them gained Errors and the strings of the universe (Error strings/Gaster Grabbers) while the other was soulless but was gifted with FS's paintbrush. these two would be known as INK!Sans and ERROR!Sans. Ink was teleported to an unfinished AU. While Error was teleported to the remains of the galaxy dimension otherwise known as the anti void.


First!Sans is a very thin Sans. she wears a long black scarf with a yellow jacket. That jacket was always around her waist. She had a white shirt that had red lines go down her arms. She wears black pants with tanish boots.


While she may be a Sans, she often acts like Undertale Papyrus. She has her own laugh which is ¨CRAH HAH HAH!¨ She based every Papyrus laugh off hers. She wants to be popular popular populer. Also she loves puns. The reason she created AUs was because she wanted to make other versions of her and have other papyrus for the remembrance of her bro.However she can be deadly serious at times.


  • First papyrus:She refuses to talk about her older bro at ALL.
  • CharaNO301247:She hates Chara.The first ever Chara was made by her bro.
  • Toby Fox:She created Toby with the intentions of him editing AU´s.

What happened to First Papyrus?

Legend say that while he was creating human souls he had used all of his creativity at once.He was later driven to Insanity.FS then had to put an end to her brother.She feels grief when she thinks about it.

What is Creativity

Creativity is a lot like LV(LOVE-Levels Of ViolencE) but limited.When used it must be given a break.

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