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"Hahaha! It Is I The Awesome Faxs!"
-Faxs when you Meet Him.


Unlike Faxstale Faxswap Faxs Acts Like "Papyrus" (Role Not Taken) From Faxstale He Just Want to capture a human to iMpress "Alphys" (Again Role not taken) to get him in the royal guard, And He Yells At his "Brother" All the time because "Papyrus" Cant get his lazy butt off the undernet And stop talking about his au on Undertale au wiki


Just like Faxstale He still has Blue and orange eyes But A Blue and orange Scarf And "Battle Body" And Blue and orange Shoes and black pants


Just like Faxstale He still has the blue and orange attacks BUT Cant Control Them Yet But in the other hand "Papyrus" Know how to control Blue and orange attacks Not many know about him BUT "Papyrus" Knows Almost anything about Faxs.


Annoying Dog
This information is based on alternate scenes or materials, and is not considered canon within the overall plot of the AU series.

Swap Satan

Swap Satan Is His BBF (Best Buddies FOREVER) And Likes His Attitude

Any Ambitious Role Character

He Can Get along Very Well

Fell And Swapped Darksoul

Faxs Hate there Guts Mostly Faxs Hate Swap Darksoul

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