welcome to my life

Faxs (Also known as the Creator) Is a lazy bones Skeleton That can get his head out of his computer And Games But He Made This "World" Himself But Nobody knows After He made this "World" He stopped Doing Stuff active Except Using The Computer Looking At AU Wiki Talking about his AU And Stuff his bone weapon Hits Like A TRUCK you do NOT Want to mess with Him His Flamer Blaster Can Destroy you YOU DON'T WANT TO MESS WITH HIM


Faxs is a lazyBones with a collection of Alien And Predator action Figures


He Has 2 Green Teeth blue Orange Eyes A Blue And Orange Hoodie

Pink Slippers Short


Well Not many know about Faxs But In true pacifist Route He Tells Everything about him Before We leave The Underground He Said He Had The Hoodie Before The War And Said The war started Because Him And Flamer Had A experiment And He Had Powers To Control Blue And Orange Attacks To Kill Humans But The Humans Found Out And 1 war later blah blah blah


The ENERGY FORM is Faxs Secret Attack it is a Rare Chance to happen it a 9% Chance of happening Because it is A Very Strong Form It Will Kill And i mean KILL Attack 9001 HP 3000 DF 999

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