"HEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!!! I, the magnificent Mick will capture a user"
– Mick,when doing the first puzzle

MickRunner takes the role of Blueberry in Fandomswap. He is a boss in Genocide Route who tries to reform you and in True Pacifist is a supporting character.


Mick is a 5'8 light skinned human that wears a black shirt with black shoulderpads with blue lining. He wears black fingerless gloves and a blue bandanna and wears blue shoes instead of boots


He is very hyperactive and can be the most opptimistic. Be can be seroius when needed but also deals with depression and can become depressed if at his lowest and enjoy sweets but too much he'll release the energy and blow up stuff.

Abilities and Weaknesses

He uses telekinies and blasters which are shaped like Dragon Skulls. His bones are shaped like dragon teeth. He instead uses kunai knives as his knife.

Social Aniexty Disorder- He feels like everyone is judging sceretly so he keeps this in check by acting overly optimistic


-Drinks barbeque sacue and carmel sacue

- Listens to music when walking to places

-Likes puns but tries to hide it

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